9 things you should never do to your Car while you driving

Do you control your car? or it control you? Though ars get safer every year if you don’t keep it properly maintained or use the parts incorrectly you could find yourself in a tricky situation at the possible time.

Modern cars use computer systems and this makes the driving experience a smooth process. the computer can block conflicting commands and warn the driver about potential issues. s check out these things to avoid :

  1. never press off button while you driving:  if your new car can be started with a simple press of button, did you ever ask yourself what would happen if you press the off button while you driving. if that happen accidentally while driving at a reasonably high speed don’t worry. when you press the button the car will keep in driving because modern cars has too many safety features to avoid accidents.
  2. Never select reverse while driving: if you change into reverse mode by mistake while you driving the chances are that nothing happen if your car has cameras in the screen on the deck the rear facing camera might come on or parking aids might become available but the car won’t back up all of the sudden or come to stop.
  3. Never select PARK while driving: if you select park while driving your car might make an awful grinding noise and continue driving your car probably won’t suffer damage if you accidentally do this. because the car’s computer will block the command for your safety, but you should know conflicting orders can damage your car’s transmission over time.
  4. don’t attach too many keys to the ignition key: if your car is on the same key-chain as your house your room key… is probably quite heavy, this weight could potentially damage your ignition switch over time, gravity is still at work when you put your car keys into the ignition during car rides bumps and potholes will cause these heavy keys to pull and pull on the ignition until it wears out the tumblers.
  5. always change your car’s oil: if you don’t change the oil your car will run less efficiently it will also stop lubricating the engine components causing wear and tear if the mechanical components continue to grind on each other the car might become inoperable follow the manufacturer specifications on how to change the oil, it’s there for a reason.
  6. don’t overfill the engine oil: the engine oil always comes with a dipstick which has a mark to indicate the level of the oil needs to be filled to. never fill it to the top as if it were a bottle.
  7. Never wait until the fuel tank is empty: if you forgot your fuel tank until is empty you are risk of running out of fuel on a busy road you also risk damaging the car’s catalytic converter.
  8. Never ignore warning indicators : not all warnings sings are the same for all cars but generally there are similar definitions for the colors of the warning lights across most manufacturers. green or blue sign is an indication that the particular system is activated. yellow system normally indicates that something needs to be serviced. a red signs means that there’s a serious issue that needs immediate attention.
  9. don’t ignore to check your tire pressure: checking your tire pressure is a good practice that often falls by the wayside it’s even more important to do it when you’re headed on a road trip or if you daily commute is over 30 minutes. the amount of air that tires need varies according to the brand if the pressure is too low it’ll wear out the tires very quickly and you’ll be forced to replace them.

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