Samsung is changing the game with the galaxy fold.

2019 got attention in news in term of technology and smartphones, the game is changing Samsung started with the first ever foldable phone its got an amazing 7 inch screen that is foldable to about 5 inch form factor, Samsung is opening up a new wave in mobile phone technologies it’s about 10 years since the first Galaxy S1, that we see a real innovation that will open up new possibilities, the specs are even amazing check this:


the galaxy fold got two screens the main one is the foldable one with
7.3′ inch QXGA+ Dynamic AMOLED Display.

and the Cover Display that got 4.6 inch HD+ Super AMOLED Display (21:9)


the galaxy fold comes with substantial 6: 1 cover camera, 2 front cameras and considerable 3 in the back, the same one founded in galaxy s 10 phones with these numbers:

Cover Camera

10MP Selfie Camera Pixel size: 1.22umFOV: 80°F.No (aperture): F2.2

Front Camera

Dual Cameras:

  • 10MP Selfie Camera
  • Pixel size: 1.22um
  • FOV: 80°F.No (aperture):
  • F2.28MP RGB
  • Depth Camera
  • Pixel size: 1.12um
  • FOV: 90°F.No (aperture): F1.9

Rear Cameras

Triple Camera

  • 12MP Telephoto Camera
  • Pixel size: 1.0um
  • FOV: 45°
  • F.No (aperture): F2.412MP
  • Wide-angle Camera
  • Super Speed Dual Pixel
  • AF, OIS
  • Pixel size: 1.4um
  • FOV: 77°Dual aperture: F1.5 mode / F2.4 mode16MP
  • Ultra Wide Camera
  • Pixel size: 1.0um
  • FOV: 123°
  • F.No (aperture): F2.2

Battery Capacity

the battery in the fold phone is actually 2 batteries one on each side, pretty smart move from Samsung the good space management, in this design brings up the the capacity to a 4380mAh.


To power all that screen real estate, it will sport a whopping 12GB of RAM with a 7-nano eight-core processor and two batteries (totaling 4,380 mAh) encased in each side of the fold. For storage, it have no memory card slot but it will get 512GB of the much faster Universal Flash Storage 3.0 standard maybe you won’t use all of it but hey its there.


Samsung demonstrated a variety of apps running in this mode, and the switching from phone to tablet and vice versa. It looks rather smooth in the software right now, but it’s fair to say that the Galaxy Fold looks far better when it’s folded out than being used as a traditional phone. The phone display is clearly designed to be used with one hand, but it’s flanked by very large bezels that aren’t found on the tablet mode. We’ll need to get a closer look at the Galaxy Fold to find out exactly how this impacts the device usability…

the galaxy fold will come on many colors from the Space Silver, Cosmos Black, Martian Green to the Astro Blue… and it will cost about 2000 USD

The official introduction:

official introduction

Actually Samsung it’s certainly one of the first to make it widely available but it’s not the only smartphone maker creating a foldable device. Xiaomi teased its own folding phone recently, that looked like the best concept we’ve seen so far. Huawei is also reportedly planning to release a foldable handset this year, and Lenovo has started to tease its own prototype. LG has also been developing flexible OLED displays and TVs that roll up into a box. If all these manufacturers progress toward shipping a device like Samsung, then expect to see a lot of foldable phones in 2019 and beyond.

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