Xiaomi is following up on the trend in foldable smartphones!

Xiaomi is also on foldable phones:

Xiaomi is in love with the bezel less phones its start the game with it first with the mix series but it is obviously continuing the move on foldable phones, although manufacturers and network operators wanted 5G to be the centerpiece of MWC this year, it’s undeniable that foldable phones became the talk of the town. After Samsung and Huawei showed off theirs, others, like OPPO and even Motorola, chimed in as well. But actually showed a prototype days before MWC!

Xiaomi’s absent foldable at MWC didn’t escape notice, especially after how Xiaomi president Lin Bin’s video made rounds over the Internet. It was just meant to show that the company is still working on other form factors, especially one they have had made decent progress on.

Xiaomi didn’t show up any numbers but the screen looks stunning with that design this time, not like the Samsung fold nor the mate x the Xiaomi phone fold in 2 times it becomes smaller than the more normal smartphone nowadays but a bit wider.

Xiaomi loves blazing a trail. It was, after all, the first to come up with that bezel-less screen design with the first Mi Mix. It followed it up with the Mi Mix 3’s sliding mechanism and, soon, a foldable phone of its own. Probably not too soon, though, as the company is taking its time, waiting for the technology and the market to mature before announcing something.

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